SAM (Management) Inc.

S.A.M. (Management) Inc. is a non-profit social housing management corporation. It is the belief of the staff and directors, that the voluntary nature of the corporation serves the residents well by ensuring that the administration is both sensitive and responsive to their needs and the social housing market.

The central goals of S.A.M. are:

  • To manage properties with regard to resident satisfaction;
  • To enable and support every Board of Directors to understand and take control of its fiscal and legal responsibilities;
  • To maintain control of rent increases; and
  • To physically maintain each building for long term value.

S.A.M. ensures that residents have the opportunity to develop a strong community and to use the project for the satisfaction of all its residents.

S.A.M. provides a full management service, including asset management, applications monitoring, fiscal management, building maintenance, secretarial services, and if required recreation consultation.

S.A.M. does this with competent management staff who have a combined working experience of over forty years in social housing management. Laurie Socha, General Manager, brings 20 years of housing experience to S.A.M, Susan Fehr, Director - Client Services Division, joined in 1993; Fredie Ty, Director of Finance Division, joined us in 2006; and Kevin Tousignant, Director of Property Operations Division, joined in 2014.

The Directors of S.A.M. assure the financial stability and professional quality of management operations, give direction and guidance to the management staff, and insure that the policies and directions of the Owners, as well as resident concerns, are being addressed and properly handled.

S.A.M. is a member of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA). CHRA provides an excellent source of information on affordable housing at the following link:

"After reviewing what we needed they put together a proposal. We liked what they had in mind... They are always within the quoted price and in a timely manner. Updates are usually done within a 6-24 hour period."

Toni Walker - SAM (Management) Inc.