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Qualico Safety Inspection System

Partnership Profile

Qualico is big. It is one of the largest, fully-integrated, privately owned real estate companies in Western Canada, building homes and communities in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, as well as Austin, Texas. With over 60 years in the home building business, Qualico maintains the highest quality standards for all its building projects.


Our Challenge: Safety first!

Qualico mandates strict workplace safety standards and ensures these standards are met by performing regular inspections at all of their construction sites.  But handling paper-based inspection reports in the field and then back at the office was becoming tedious. Transporting, sorting, storing and searching through realms of paper was time consuming and inefficient.


Our Solution: Make the paper disappear!

Calgary Safety Manager Blake Taylor and Information Technology Director Horst Federau realized that the safety reporting process could be done electronically. This way inspectors at the construction site could fill out an online inspection form and then send it electronically to the office for immediate analysis. The result would be less time and effort spent reporting while still making safety priority one!

Taylor and Federau knew that the experts at Web Wizards had a broad understanding of the real estate business and were at the top of their game technologically. In developing the system, we worked closely with Taylor and the Safety Team to determine their needs, and with Federau to make sure the system would meet technical requirements for Qualico.

The new electronic reporting system is currently web-based and features:

  • forms that can easily be filled out on an ipad or iphone
  • an auto-fill function to minimize typing
  • ability to upload photos per location
  • real time tracking of comments between the field and the office in real time
  • automatic processing of information in the back end for easy searching
  • immediate information gathering and categorizing for real time reporting


And Presto!

Qualico’s safety inspectors in the field are now able to fill out paperless reports as they go and any situations they encounter on-site can be dealt with immediately. To date there has been an increase in reporting of forty percent.  The in-office reporting system can also automatically compile a report in secondsĀ­ — what took 24 hours to do in the past now happens almost instantly!

Says Taylor, My guys in the field just love it. Just an iPad and a phone and they're good to go.”

For Federau, the most important aspect is that the system is fully integrated and is designed to grow into all aspects of Qualico's operations.

For me, it's more about quality and efficiency across the company and keeping innovative and ahead of the game. Web Wizards grasped the vision behind this, that safety was just the starting point of a much bigger endeavour.”

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My guys in the field just love it. Just an iPad and a phone and they're good to go.”


Blake Taylor