Project Stats:

Process Automation
3rd Party Integration - Newstar
Responsive Design
Real Time incident Reporting
Online Amenity Booking
Email Broadcast System
Over 32050 Bookings Made
Over 13000 Active Owners Visit the Site
15000 Active Users

Rancho Vancouver Property Management Software

Rancho Property Management Services, BC is one of the largest strata and rental management companies in Canada. For over 35 years, Rancho has managed strata corporations and rental projects as well as individual houses and condos in Vancouver. In fact, at present, Rancho manages over 200 strata corporations and over 30,000 units in the greater Vancouver area. And if you add to that nearly 1,000 individual houses and condos you will see why Rancho employs 25 full-time strata agents/property managers plus a growing team of support staff.


Our Challenge: Proper property management online?

Our mission here was to build a web-based, mobile-friendly property management system that would allow Rancho to keep track of the residents living in every single one of it’s properties (owners and renters). They needed to effortlessly sync information between their residents, their accounting system, bike patrols, concierge companies, sub contractors, building supervisors and strata councils to name a few. Rancho also needed to keep property managers informed of all maintenance tasks required at each building, allow timely alerts of critical incidents and report to the boards involved.


Our Solution:  Rancho reaches out!

Since Web Wizards and Rancho have been making magic together for over fifteen years, it came as no surprise that they challenged us to build the ultimate property management system for them. To do so, we amalgamated various custom software solutions developed over a decade into one main dashboard to deliver custom software that addressed Rancho’s very specific needs. This evolution has allowed for the development of a finely tuned system which features:

  • an E-commerce component for owners, realtors and lawyers to purchase strata documents for resale.
  • a critical incident reporting tool
  • a document management system to keep all strata documents organized

Available to stakeholders:

  • one content management system that updates multiple websites
  • a resident’s booking system for amenities
  • email broadcasting system for time-sensitive communication to all tenants in a building and/or strata
  • immediate information gathering and categorizing for real time reporting
  • real-time financial statements for owners that are synced from the accounting software

Rancho Rules!

Rancho’s innovative thinking has owners and residents alike totally in love with their on-line property management system. Commitment to creating and maintaining an accessible, easy-to-use online system means ongoing evaluations of client’s needs and concerns and continually building improvements into the system. Strata owners and renters have peace of mind that Rancho Vancouver is on top of any issue that arises and ensures follow up and resolution. They truly are Vancouver's most professional property management company!