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Attorneys On Demand

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Attorneys on Demand (AOD) is a national court appearance service in the United States. By utilizing their network of professional attorneys nationwide, firms can forgo the expense of sending a lawyer to another city by utilizing the services of an experienced attorney who is already at that location. They can cover any case from coast to coast with their network of attorneys.

Our Challenge: Make lawyers appear… anywhere!

Because the nature of the work is remote, Attorneys on Demand required a complete online system to run all their business operations. They needed a central hub where case details could be catalogued and lawyers on location would be searched for, procured and briefed. Relevant reporting and results pertaining to the case needed to be input and documented. And the system also needed to be able to facilitate billing the clients and compensating the attorneys.

Our Solution: Lawyers to go!

Web Wizards designed and created a complete, customized system to take care of every aspect of AOD’s online operations. This included a web based sign-up form for clients and attorneys, as well as a dispatching system that sends new case alerts to the attorneys in close proximity to the court at the specified location.

It works like this: the attorney that takes the case on location gets access to a confidential AOD account with instructions and pertinent information. After the client’s court appearance, the attorney will go online to relay the results of the case and post any other relevant documents for the client. The system then can then set payment for the attorney and a payment system for the client.

Best of all, we created a mobile app to streamline communications between the lawyer and the system, thereby ensuring a higher level of client service.

No arguments here!

Thanks to Web Wizards, Attorneys on Demand covers hundreds of thousands of cases every year easily and efficiently. It allows online allocation and professional management of each and every case.

“The system developed by Web Wizards runs our entire business. We could not function without it”

                  • Cliff Umans, CEO Attorneys on Demand


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“The system developed by Web Wizards runs our entire business. We could not function without it”

Cliff Umans, CEO - Attorneys On Demand