Manitoba Dental Association

Our client: 

The Manitoba Dental Association is the voice of dentistry in Manitoba, proudly serving both the public as well as oral health care providers.

The Manitoba Dental Association (MDA) website has grown immensely in content over the years. The current site has over 200 pages and the dropdown menus were therefore becoming unmanageable. The very “in-depth” content had grown to the point where messaging which should have been separated for the Dental Professionals and the Public sections was overlapping and becoming very confusing. The content for website visitors was very difficult to navigate and the site was not mobile friendly. It was time for a refresh!

Our challenge:

  • To simplify and organize the site content
  • To show 6 levels of navigation clearly, logically and without confusion. This was especially important for mobile users  

Our solution:

Drawing on our vast experience with other member associations, Web Wizards followed our proven process. After our discovery session with the stakeholders, we first segmented the website visitors into 3 groups and then reviewed the analytics to determine what content those groups were most interested in. We then created a sitemap for MDA and their stakeholders’ approval.

With MDA’s branding and goals front-of-mind, Web Wizards created wireframes and designed mockups following the sitemap. The new website design focuses on intuitive navigation. We color coded each of the 3 user group sections so they would stand out from each other and made sure that only 2 levels of navigation are ever shown at a time. These levels act as dynamic breadcrumbs that update based on where the visitor is in the website.

The site was built in Sitefinity and is integrated with a custom Sharepoint CRM (also built by Web Wizards). The CRM provides the names of all licensed dentists and dental assistants in Manitoba in real time and includes a handy Find A Professional tool.

Custom widgets were built to share repeated content throughout the website. That way if a price or deadline is updated, it only has to be updated once instead of on 20 different pages.

The site also features a member login for dental professionals to view their current Continuing Education hour requirements.

Our success story:

  • While the new site has not launched yet, it is anticipated that by partnering with Web Wizards, the Manitoba Dental Association will inform the Dental Profession and the Public alike by delivering clear, well organized info online through their new website.
  • The site will function perfectly for users of mobile devices