Project Stats:

Process Automation
Paper to Online
70 Hours A Month in Administration
105 Happy Families

Gray Academy of Jewish Education

Hot Lunch Program

Partnership Profile

Gray Academy of Jewish Education is a private JK to grade 12, co-educational post secondary preparatory school that places equal value on Jewish and General academic programs. 

Our Challenge: This school is hungry for change…

Everyone knows a school, like an army, marches on it’s stomach. Gray Academy of Jewish Education boasts a delicious and nutritious hot lunch program, run by the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) who are mostly volunteers.

The Hot Lunch Program featured a time consuming, paper-based order and pay system that was error ridden and slow. Parents would be sent a paper lunch menu form monthly so that they may fill out their orders and return the form with payment by cheque. Once all of the forms were received the school’s office would be responsible for entering every single order by class and by date into an Excel spreadsheet where totals for each student’s lunches were tallied. Then the orders were given to the restaurant to fulfill for the given month. This process would take between 7-10 days to complete.

Our Solution: Order Up!

Web Wizards designed and created an efficient online ordering system for the Hot Lunch Program. The recipe? The school sets a delicious menu for a given month and sends an email to the parents inviting them to plan their child’s lunch menu and fill out their order online. Once completed, parents can pay online by credit card. The system can then generate lunch reports for each classroom and inform the restaurant so orders are fulfilled quickly with much less effort and error.

Lunch Is Served!

Parents love no longer having to print off menu forms, fill them out by hand, and return them to the school. The system computes the orders quickly and accurately and payment may be made conveniently online by credit card.

Gray Academy of Jewish Education is more than happy to save paper and the headache of handling hundreds of order forms by hand. This means less errors and a huge time saving for staff… over 70 hours a month!

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