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CRM & Continuing Education Tracking Software

Manitoba Dental Association

The Manitoba Dental Association (MDA) is the voice of dentistry in Manitoba. The organization proudly serves both the public and oral health care providers and is dedicated to the promotion of optimal oral health for all Manitobans. They also strive to make the dental industry an environment where each and every one of their members can achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Our Challenge:  “MDA, open wide!”

With over 3000 members, the MDA needed an easier way to organize it’s membership online. The system needed to keep track of licensing requirements, skills, payment history, continuing education credits, etc. As the organization’s support staff grew, the Access Database was no longer sustainable.

Drilling down to our solution:

Web Wizards examined and analyzed the needs of the MDA and then designed and created a custom web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that provides:

• accurate and up-to-date member information and licensing

• tracking and reporting of continuing education credits

• immediate information gathering and categorizing for real-time reporting

• maintains registries and rosters


Everybody’s smiling!

In creating a CRM system for the MDA, Web Wizards normalized the data and built in processes and procedures to ensure that all data would now be consistent and accessible to all internal staff instead of just a select few. Members’ records can now be handled quickly and smoothly and chances of errors have decreased significantly.

Even tracking continuing education is now a breeze as MDA members are alerted if they need to get a few more hours in for their year. MDA is also notified and can follow up to ensure that all members are compliant with licensing rules.



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